meet haleigh, founder of nurse rx box!



The past two years have been many things. Trying, painful, traumatic, eye-opening to name a few. Many of us have found ourselves questioning our “why.” 

My “why” and passion in nursing has always been to support other nurses by creating an environment where they can learn, excel, and flourish both professionally and personally. This passion led to the development of Nurse Rx Box, an avenue to ensure that nurses not only feel supported but have the tools and practical items needed to make their shifts a little easier. I know what it is like to go through a shift and not have the tools, gadgets, self-care, or support you need to just make it through those 12 hours. Sometimes, those are the toughest 12 hours you will ever face. 

Nurse Rx Box is a monthly subscription box that contains 4-6 items in each box developed around a theme for the month. There is always at least one item that you can use during your shift! That is the goal, total practicality. The additional items support the featured product and can range from self-care to tech, education and beyond. Nurse Rx Box is here no matter what to support and provide to nurses, while they support others. I welcome you to OUR community of nurses, you make us #nursestrong!

Are you ready to subscribe to Nurse Rx Box?

I am so elated to welcome you into the fastest growing group of like-minded individuals. As a nurse, I wanted to develop and provide our peers with the tools and items we all wish we had to get through our 12+ hour shifts. Whether a newbie or OG, welcome to the club babe!!